Sandy Alderson already likes 2015 lineup

PHOENIX -- Sandy Alderson is pleased with his 2015 lineup even if the Mets do not have any other activity this winter, although an upgrade at shortstop still is expected.

Right now, the projected lineup might be:

Juan Lagares, cf

Daniel Murphy, 2b

David Wright, 3b

Lucas Duda, 1b

Michael Cuddyer, rf

Curtis Granderson, lf

Wilmer Flores, ss

Travis d'Arnaud, c

“If I look at our lineup from one to eight, we probably don’t have a prototypical leadoff man,” Alderson said. “But, beyond that, I like our eight from an offensive standpoint. Cuddyer is sitting right in the middle. And if we did have a Flores playing shortstop hitting seventh or eighth with d’Arnaud, you look at the lineup, it’s pretty solid top to bottom.

“Defensively would we like to be a little better? Yeah. There are definitely three or four positions where defensively we’re probably a little below average. But that’s the tradeoff.

“Pitching-wise, the bullpen got a lot better last year. We’ve got the starting pitching depth. We’ve got some veteran leadership. I don’t see why we can’t be very competitive. That’s the way I’m looking at it at this point, and expect to be looking at it in spring training.”