Mets' payroll rises with Jerry Blevins addition

NEW YORK -- Now that the New York Mets have acquired left-hander Jerry Blevins, we can get a new accounting of where the Mets' payroll stands. Of course, Dillon Gee may be traded at some point. But here's the math at the moment ...

David Wright $20M

Curtis Granderson $16M

Bartolo Colon $11M

Michael Cuddyer $8.5M

Daniel Murphy $8M

Jonathon Niese $7M

Gee $5.3M

Lucas Duda $4.2M

Bobby Parnell $3.7M

Jenrry Mejia $2.595M

Blevins $2.4M

Ruben Tejada $1.88M

John Mayberry Jr. $1.45M

Subtotal: $92.025 million

That's a total of 13 players making $92.025 million.

There are 12 other players required to fill out a 25-man roster, including Alex Torres, who will earn $522,900. For simplicity, let's say they all make the major league minimum in 2015, which will be $507,500. That's a total of close to $6.09 million.

Then, Mets officials previously have said another $4.5 million or so is always added into payroll estimates to account for things such as more than 25 players on the payroll at any given time (because of disabled list, etc.).

So let's add $10.59 million to the $92.025 million.

So without any other modifications, the Mets would go into the 2015 season with a payroll of about $102,615,000.