Cuban talks about Prohkorov on PTI

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sees a lot of himself in New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prohkorov.

"He's passionate and competitive," Cuban said during a Friday interview on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption. "He loves basketball. He loves the NBA and he loves to win."

At the same time, the two billionaires are polar opposites as far as their personalities are concerned.

"He's quiet," the outspoken Cuban said. "But he's hysterical. I enjoyed spending time with him."

Prohkorov invited Cuban into his private luxury suite to watch the Nets-Mavericks game last Saturday night. Dallas beat New Jersey, 87-86.

"He's great for the NBA. That's what I told him," Cuban said after the game. "He's ballsy, he's smart, he does it his way and doesn't give a [expletive] what other people think and doesn't mind [expletive] with people. That's a perfect combination. I told him we'd get along great."

It was a nice gesture by Prohkorov, especially after Cuban made a derogatory -- yet playful -- remark about Prohkorov's ownership style when the Nets played the Mavericks in Dallas last month.

Just don't expect the jabs to stop -- at least from Cuban, anyway.

"I'm gonna have a good time kicking his ass for the next 100 years," Cuban said.