Wade: Brooklyn Nets 'have great potential'

NEW YORK -- Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade was in New York City on Wednesday and shared some encouraging words for the Brooklyn Nets, the name made official by Jay-Z's announcement on Monday at Atlantic Yards.

"It's something that obviously I knew was a two-year down-the-line thing because I got recruited, in a sense, by them," said Wade, who was promoting a new athlete-care product at Chelsea Piers called Court Grip, designed for the soles of sneakers so basketball players can gain more traction on the hardwood. "We sat down and I listened to the story of where they were going and I think they have great potential. I mean, Brooklyn is a brand. The word Brooklyn is a brand, the city, so they've got a great platform. Hopefully they do well -- not too well (laughs)."

If you recall, two years ago Wade first considered the Nets to be serious contenders to land a big name, when the plan to move to Brooklyn was under way. Then the following summer, on the first day of free agency on July 1, 2010, he met with the organization in Chicago and came away feeling "impressed." While they were one of his top choices, along with the Bulls, he eventually re-signed with the Heat later in the month.

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