Swisher going off the Cliff?

Major props to colleague Andrew Marchand for getting a rise out of Nick Swisher on what is rapidly becoming his least favorite topic of discussion: Rangers' ace Cliff Lee. But this is not the first time that talking abut Lee has sent Swisher over the Cliff. After last Saturday's Game 2 here, Swisher was deluged with questions about Lee in advance of his Game 3 start at Yankee Stadium. After the waves of reporters had dispersed, I overheard Swisher say to one of my colleagues, "If one more guy asks me about Cliff Lee, I'm gonna punch him right in the (bleeping) mouth.''

Since I've never been able to pass up an invitation like that, I immediately walked over to Swisher and asked, "So what about Cliff Lee?''

Swisher wheeled around with murder in his eyes, and then stopped and laughed. "Please, ask me about him after the game,'' he said, "Ok, bro?''