Rafael Soriano, a Yankee option?

With Yankees GM Brian Cashman having $140 million or so burning a hole in his pocket, there is a sense the Yankees will try to make the end of their game stronger after missing out on the starter of their dreams.

While they surely will try to bring back Kerry Wood, a more intriguing option could be Rafael Soriano. Soriano, if he were to accept the eighth inning role, could allow the Yankees to basically make games a seven-inning affair. If Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson pitch well, then you are talking about a six-inning games.

Then, all of a sudden, the loss of Lee might not be a such a big loss.

"It would make sense," an opposing scout said of the Yankees, going after Soriano.

With the Yankees and Zack Grienke having mutual non-interest (the Yankees are skeptical of his makeup, Grienke has the Yankees on his no-trade list), there does not appear to be a top line starter on the market right now. That is why the Yankees could reload in the pen, while waiting for Andy Pettitte to decide and an ace to become available by July.

The Soriano option was first mentioned by Ken Rosenthal, as far as my reading. It makes sense and is definitely something to watch.

Soriano led the league in saves last year with 45. The Angels are reportedly interested in him, but he is considered too rich for Tampa to bring him back.