It's official: Martin is a Yankee

The Yankees have finally confirmed what everyone in baseball has known for the past two days: Theyhave signed free-agent catcher Russell Martin to a one-year contract. Martin, who spent his previous five big-league seasons with the L.A. Dodgers, will address the media this afternoon.

It is unclear what the acquisition of Martin, an everyday player who missed the last two months of 2010 with a hip injury, means for Jesus Montero, the Yankees catching prospect who was expected to compete for the starting job in spring training with Jorge Posada slated to be the DH in 2011.

Asked whether Montero might now be included in a trade package for a pitcher, GM Brian Cashman -- who refused as late as Wednesday afternoon to acknowledge the Yankees had signed Martin pending the results of a physical -- said: "I’m not in a position to answer a question like that at this time. So anything I said prior about Posada being a DH and going with out kids, that still stands. If something changes, I'll be able to speak to that. (But) I think it would be a rare situation for me to include Montero in a deal. This is a guy we believe has a real great high-end potential. We know we have a high-end bat there. I do believe in giving the opportunity to the young kids here, but at the same time we recognize the fact that our development system is there for a reason. To help us produce players at the major-league level or at the same time acquire players for our major league team. I’ve done both and I’ll continue to do both. We’ll see how it shakes out.'''