Cashman: Pettitte "leaning towards retirement''

No kidding! Did you hear about the Lindbergh Baby?

On Tuesday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman used the words "leaning towards retirement'' in regards to Andy Pettitte. This is not not news. Pettitte said exactly the same thing in the clubhouse in Arlington following the Yankees elimination from the ALCS on October 22, and Cashman has said variations of the same thing repeatedly since the end of the season. In fact, just about everything he told the tabs on Tuesday he told me on Monday, which is when his comments appeared on the website. In case you missed it, or are just dying to read it again, here is my story from Monday.

Neither Pettitte nor his agents, the Hendricks Bros., have been available for comment since the end of the season, and as far as we know, Cashman's contact with the 38-year-old lefthander has been limited as well. We don't even know if they're gotten to the point of discussing money, although Cashman told me, "I have the money to sign him if he wants to come back.'' As if that was a worry.

As for Cashman's comment that the Yankees unsuccessful pursuit of Cliff Lee caused the Yankees to miss out on some other free agent opportunities, only one key question remains: Like who?

Since the end of the season, only two significant starting pitchers other than Lee have changed uniforms: Jorge de la Rosa and Zack Greinke, neither of whom the Yankees wanted. But all is not lost: Carl Pavano is still out there.