What Girardi could learn from Rex

There are more similarities between Rex Ryan and Joe Girardi than differences. Both sincerely care about their players. Both seem very true to their families. Both are consumed by the end result.

It's how they get to the end result is where a dash of Rex could help Girardi. Ryan looks as if he is having the time of his life as the pressure mounts, while Girardi appears as if he is aging like a President.

At the end of last year, Girardi basically admitted it, saying during the pennant race that it was work, not fun. It shows.

It is not a terrible thing. Still, the grind of 162 games doesn't need any extra grind.

Girardi has been told before to loosen up and, he has somewhat, even if it goes against his nature.

The reason he has achieved so much in his post-playing career is because of his intensity to detail. He studies numbers and charts probably as much or more than any manager in the game. He is always looking to improve how he does his job and, in turn, the Yankees. To his credit, he is very open-minded to change.

He can learn from Rex. He doesn't need to say that it is "personal" with the Red Sox. (Though, Joe, that would be fun, if you did.) But if he could find a way to ride the wave of New York and the enormity of the Yankees the way Rex has, he would be a better, more relaxed manager.

Would this intangible translate into the translate into the tangible, more victories and more October success. That is impossible to say.

But Girardi probably would look younger by October, 2011