Cashman: Joba is in the bullpen

GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi stood united that Joba Chamberlain will be in the bullpen.

Even though Chamberlain's career starting numbers are better than either Ivan Nova or Sergio Mitre, the Yankees say they will not consider making Chamberlain a starter.

"He's in the bullpen," Cashman said.

Chamberlain, barring injuries to Rafael Soriano and Mariano Rivera, will pitch in the fifth, sixth and seventh inning. Chamberlain has gone from season setup savior in 2007 to the Joba Rules back to the eighth inning and now to who knows what. His stock at 25 is at an all-time low and it doesn't appear he is going to be a vital cog in the near future for the Yankees.

One thing is certainly true if Cashman and Girardi stick to their word, he will never start again for the Yankees.