Curtis having too Grand a time in New Zealand?

Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson, vacationing in New Zealand, posted a video on YouTube on Wednesday of himself taking a tour around the island on the back of a Harley. Nice ride, beautiful views. You can watch the video here.

One slight problem: If Granderson injures himself while on a motorcycle, it could potentially cost him $31.25 million -- the $18.25 million that is guaranteed him for the next two years and the $13 million club option for 2013. And if you think that can't happen, remember these two words: Aaron Boone.

"These guys can do whatever they want,'' GM Brian Cashman said when I told him about Curtis' mild ride. "But if they get injured doing it, it voids the guaranteed portion of the contract.''

Team president Randy Levine added that the list of activities that would trigger voiding of a contract "has gotten a lot broader'' since Boone ended his Yankees career -- and cost himself $6 million -- when he tore up his knee playing basketball just a few months after putting the Yankees into the 2003 World Series with a dramatic walkoff HR in Game 7 of the ALCS vs. the Red Sox.

Perhaps mindful of the risk involved, Granderson was careful to write in his blog: "Don’t worry fans, we went very slow and were very careful. I did not drive the bike, and we had some pretty experienced guides driving the bikes,'' a statement that is belied by a shot of Granderson sitting in the driver's seat while the bike is parked, and another of the bike having been pulled over by police for speeding.

Not clear who was driving at the time but it might have been a good idea to edit that sequence out of the video.