Feliciano shut down for 10 days

Pedro Feliciano, still suffering from soreness in a muscle behind his left shoulder, will not pick up a baseball for the next 10 days in the hope that rest will cure what so far, the Yankees have been unable to.

"it's not healing as quick as we would like,'' said Joe Girardi, who said that realistically, Feliciano will not pitch for a minimum of three weeks and probably longer. Feliciano will travel to New York with the team to continue his rehab, then return to Tampa when he is ready to resume throwing.

In the meantime, the Yankees are still undecided about Feliciano's replacement. The two candidates, RHP Luis Ayala and LHP Steve Garrison, will remain behind while the team tries to swing a last-minute deal, and if necessary, one of them will be summoned to New York Wednesday night to be available in time for Thursday's opener.