Hughes: Heck yeah, I'm worried

Joe Girardi may actually believe that one of these days, Phil Hughes is going to wake up and start throwing the ball 93 MPH again. But Hughes, the guy who will actually have to throw the ball, isnt so sure.

"It’s obviously something to be worried about,'' Hughes said in the clubhouse before Tuesday's Yankees-Orioles game was rained out. "This is my job, my livelihood and I don’t have the stuff I know I’m capable of going out there with. It’s worrisome and it’s frustrating.''

Hughes was supposed to start on Wednesday but with the rainout, will be moved back a day to Thursday. Tuesday afternoon, he went through his usual between-starts routine, some long toss under the gaze of pitching coach Larry Rothschild, and said he might throw some more Tuesday night if the game were in fact cancelled and he was moved back a day.

He said he and Rothschild made some minor adjustments to his delivery and he believed they helped somewhat, but woudl not know for sure until he got back on a mound and threw for real.

“I feel good, but it is impossible to tell,'' he said. "And I’m still confident that it will be there. But it’s definitely something I’m worried about. I wouldn’t be out there trying to get it right if I wasn;t worried about it.''