Girardi: Jeter's someplace in the middle

Derek Jeter, who has his average up to .283, looks great right now. Last month, he looked terrible.

So which is it, Joe Girardi?

"I just think you let the season play out," Girardi said. "I don't think you evaluate 40 or 50 at-bats or 100 at-bats. I think you let the season play out. They will talk about wanting to see a guy get 1,500 at-bats [in the minor leagues] before you start evaluating him.

"I think with Derek, he had a good month of September. He had an OK April. His May has been outstanding. If you want to ask which guy you are going to get the whole season, none of us really know. But as we said, we started to see in Detroit where the ball started jumping off his bat and he looked like the Derek we are used to seeing.

"That is what I'm seeing now, driving the ball to right field, hitting the ball with authority up the middle. He has never been a guy that pulled a lot of balls so I don't worry too much about that. I think when guys are cold or guys are really hot, they are usually somewhere in-between and that is what you have to think you are probably going to get."