No Subway sellout on Friday night

Surprisingly, Yankee Stadium wasn’t sold out on Friday night.

The team announced a crowd of 47,874 for the first game of the Subway Series.

The weather no doubt played a role in the attendance on Friday, but it was a far cry from the 2008 Subway Series. All six of those games played averaged at least 55,000 fans. The capacity at Yankee Stadium is 52,000.

Joe Girardi acknowledged that the crowd was “subdued” at times during the Mets’ 2-1 win.

“Was it subdued? At times. When there’s not a lot of offense, there’s not a lot to cheer about. If they were subdues, it was probably due to the lack of offense.”

Francisco Rodriguez certainly enjoyed the sound of silence from Yankee fans at the end of the night.

“You’ve got 50,000 people. Probably, you’ve got 35,000 screaming and booing you at the same time. So to make them quiet, make them ‘shut up’ at the end of the game is quite nice,” Rodriguez said.

CHAVEZ TO WALK THIS WEEK: Eric Chavez (broken foot) is going to try and put pressure on his broken foot next week for the first time since suffering the injury at the beginning of the month. He said on Friday that he isn’t feeling any pain in it but has yet to try to jog or run on it. He hopes to attempt both next week.