DJ3K not here? An issue? Shouldn't be

An issue that seems to be percolating around this All-Star Game has to do with Derek Jeter's absence. Casey Close, Jeter's agent, was here, but he declined comment on it.

Can't really blame Close because it is a no-win situation and one -- when you understand the reality of the situation -- in which Jeter should not be criticized for. He chose being ready for the second half over being "an ambassador for the game."

The decision for Jeter not to come to the game was made last Thursday. That was when Jeter was still struggling to get to 3K. If he hadn't gotten to 3,000 this past weekend, he would have come to the All-Star game and the whole focus would have been on 3,000. The amount of attention and interviews would have been a strenuous 72 hours instead of a break. Plus, with 3K still hanging over his head, there is no way to argue it would help him in the second half.

Now, that he got to 3K in style, it could be argued he should have come to take some bows. But again, the whole focus would be on him and, even if he didn't play in the game, he would be flying back-and-forth across the country to be worn out. That doesn't make sense for the Yankees.

For baseball, that might make sense. For Jeter and the Yankees, no way.

So I can see this becoming a story, but really, from the Yankees' point of view and with Jeter interested in winning, it does not make much sense for him to be here.