Posada: I could catch next year

Jorge Posada, back in the lineup as the DH for the second straight game after going 3-for5 with six RBI and a grand slam Saturday against the Rays, said today if it was up to him, he would return to catching in 2012.

"I could catch next year,'' Posada said in the clubhouse before tonight's game with the Kansas City Royals. "I could have (caught) this year. I could have been a backup this year, could have backed somebody up.''

Posada, of course, has not caught a single pitch all year, not even in spring training, after the Yankees determined in the off-season that he would spend the final season of his 4-year, $51 million contract as a full-time DH, a job Posada never wanted and never seemed to warm up to.

Posada, who is hitting .237 with 10 homers and 37 RBI, acknowledged that it has not been easy to go from the most-involved member of the team to the least-involved. The transition from catcher to four-times-a-game pinch hitter may well have contributed to the worst offensive season of his 17-year career.

"It’s not easy to do something you’re not used to,'' he said. "But if I'm upset with anyone, I'm upset with myself, just overall. I don’t know what happened this year, I really don’t know. There's some things I could have done differently but I cant pinpoint what they are.''

Posada, who will turn 40 on Wednesday, said he is leaning toward playing again next year, and not necessarily for the Yankees. "It’s tough for me to tell you exactly what I’m gonna do, but right now, I think that I will (play),'' he said. "And yes, I would consider going somewhere else if they don’t want me here. But it’s tough for me to answer right now on August 15. We've got important games coming up and hopefully I'll be a part of them.''