A.J. 'bird' photo not from Saturday

There was a buzz on some local talk radio this week surrounding a recent picture of A.J. Burnett handing the ball off to Joe Girardi.

In the picture, it appeared that Burnett was offering a certain, shall we say, unfriendly hand gesture to Girardi as he gave the ball to the skipper. The photo ran in conjunction with a story on Burnett's blowup while walking off the mound last Saturday against the Twins, so one local talk radio show surmised that Burnett not only cursed at Girardi but also directed the aforementioned hand gesture at him.

This is not accurate, because an ESPNNewYork.com investigation reveals that the "bird" photo was not taken last Saturday. Girardi has a jacket on in the photo in question. He was jacketless when he went to take the ball from Burnett on Saturday night.