Tex struggles in a big a spot .... again

Where have you seen this before?

With the Yankees down a run in the eighth, Alex Rodriguez drew a two-out walk from Justin Verlander. Mark Teixeira came up with a chance to get a meaningful hit in a big spot.

What did he do? Popped up.

Teixeira is now hitting .201 in his career in the 114 playoff at-bats. Since being a Yankee he has struggled in the post-season. The only big hit that comes to mind is the ALDS game-winning he had against the Twins in 2009.

Teixeira knows that he will get another chance in Game 4.

"If we don't win tomorrow, we go home," Teixeira said.

That is true and the 2009 World Series ring pass might expire for Teixeira and his post-season struggles.