The Captain Ks with a chance to win it

With the Yankees down a run in the top of the ninth, Derek Jeter stepped to the plate against a wild Jose Valverde. Valverde had already walked two Yankees, which put two men on with two outs for Jeter to be a hero.

Jeter swung hard at the first pitch.

"If I didn’t swing at it it was a strike anyway," Jeter said. "My approach stays the same."

He fouled it off.

He then worked the count to 2-2 before swinging and missing a 94-MPH fastball. About a half hour after, Jeter said he was already moving on.

"I don’t have a choice," Jeter said. "That’s pretty much it. It’s over with, done with, you want to get a hit but it didn’t happen. We play again in a few hours so you have to have a very short memory."

What's the attitude down 2-1 in the series?

"Nothing changes," Jeter said. "Come out here ready to play and win a game. We’ve won a game before so nothing changes."

Jeter also didn't come through in the seventh. After the Yankees tied the game on a Brett Gardner's RBI double, Jeter came up with a chance to give the Yankees the lead, but struck out against Justin Verlander.

Jeter is 4-for-15 (.267) in the series.