Cashman Unplugged (CC, Yu, Jorge, more)

Here is all and everything you need to know about Yankees GM Brian Cashman's news conference.

CC MAKES OFFSEASON EASIER: Cashman said having Sabathia on-board allows him to be "very open-minded and conservative in our approach." He added they don't have to be in an "emotional, over-reactive state because we are vulnerable."

"He is certainly the most important piece as we entered this process," Cashman said. "Now, we have a great team. We need to explore ways to get better, but we have a lot of depth. We have a lot of youth coming. We have a lot of support. We have some flexibility."

PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING: Cashman said that will be his focus this winter. He said he doesn't "anticipate a bat being a need at all," when asked directly about Albert Pujols and/or Prince Fielder. He added, "Offense is not a problem with this club."

"Our main focus and effort is going to be try to reinforce the pitching rotation and bullpen and depth and insurance policies we would have," Cashman said.

Cashman indicated he will explore the markets on C.J. Wilson, Mark Buehrle and Yu Darvish. He seemed non-committal on all of them. He also said he would like to find a second lefty to pair with Boone Logan in the bullpen.

"It is pitching, pitching, pitching," Cashman said. "That will be the main thrust of this stuff."

IS YU THE MAN?: Staying with his non-committal tenor, Cashman said that he has learned from his experiences with Japanese pitchers (Hideki Irabu, Kei Igawa), but he didn't indicate how much that will impact the amount the Yankees may bid for Yu Darvish. He is 24-year-old right-hander, who is considered the best combination of youth and potential on the market.

WOULD YOU TRADE A.J.?: Burnett has a limited no-trade clause. This is what Cashman said.

"I think it would be hard to replace his innings," Cashman said. "I am open-minded if anyone wants to approach me on anyone on this roster that doesn't have a full no-trade clause. The worst I can tell them is no. I don't care if it is a position player or a pitcher.

"Unless you are strapped with the full no-trade that precludes me from even listening, I'm open to creativity. I'm open to listening to anything anyone has to offer."

A-OK: Cashman said he has no concerns about A-Rod, except for him to get his timing back. Cashman said no Yankees need surgery.

HERE IS THE CATCH: Russell Martin will be back behind the plate. Francisco Cervelli's concussions are better and he is cleared to play again, though, who knows if it will be with the Yankees, because all indications are that Jesus Montero will be the backup catcher/DH next year, if he isn't traded.

JORGE A GONER?: Everyone basically knows that Jorge Posada will not be back with the Yankees, but Cashman wasn't prepared to say that on Tuesday, realizing that would become the main story if he did. The Yankees likely want to allow Posada to go out in style if he ends up not signing with another team.

Cashman was asked what role, if any, Posada could have on the Yankees next year?

"Jorge obviously just completed a multi-year contract and he had been one the best catchers in Yankee history and a borderline Hall of Famer and obviously is in the free agent category currently," Cashman said. "That is something we will have to discuss in the short term, but it is not something I'm prepared to talk about today."

BIG BUST: The Yankees have not picked up the contract of prospect Andrew Brackman. The 6-foot-11 Brackman would have made $1 million if he were on the major-league team or $500,000 in the minors. Since he was likely going to be in the minors for the most part, the Yankees didn't think he was worth keeping.

The 25-year-old Brackman was the 30th player picked in the 2007 Draft. The Yankees chose him even though he needed Tommy John Surgery. He was 3-6 with a 6.00 ERA at Triple-A last year. He got called up in September. Brackman received a $3.35 million signing bonus. The major-league return on investment was 2 1/3 scoreless innings in mop-up duty.

GOOD CAUSE: Cashman, who is on the board of director for the Covenant House, will sleep outside in the New York streets to raise awareness for homeless children. On Nov. 17th, he will take part in The Covenant House CEO/Celebrity Sleepout.

"One thing we constantly say, 'Is homeless does not mean hopeless," Cashman said.

The goal is to raise $500,000 to help the homeless. The website is www.ceosleep.org, which features a picture of Cashman on the front page of the site.