Bobby V. to Boston?: Be afraid, Yankees fans -- be very afraid

In 2000, Bobby Valentine took a Mets team that boasted Benny Agbayani and Jay Payton in its outfield, Little Mikey Bordick at shortstop and Glendon Rusch, Bobby Jones and Rick Reed in the starting rotation and brought it to the World Series.

Then he went to Japan and won a championship with the Chiba Lotte Marines, becoming so popular in the process they practically appointed him emperor.

Today, Bobby V. is said to be meeting with the Red Sox about succeeding Terry Francona as their manager. If he gets the job -- and one thing Bobby does is interview very, very well -- then I would say the Yankees have more to worry about from Boston than if they sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson.

It never ends well with Bobby, and along the way he will infuriate his beat writers, alienate some of his players and say and do some pretty foolish -- and entertaining -- things. But he knows baseball like no one else in the game and in the beginning at least, he energizes a team and a fan base. And he will get a kick, I'm sure, out of tweaking Joe Girardi every chance he can get. If he could coax a World Series out of that pretty ordinary Mets team, imagine what he could do with the Red Sox roster?

I think that even if the Red Sox don't do another thing this off-season, if they give Bobby Valentine the keys to the manager's office, they immediately become a lot more dangerous.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know.