Yankees robbed again?

For the record, I don't think so. While both Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano had excellent seasons, it's tough to argue that any player was more valuable to his team than Justin Verlander. If you go by that key word, "value,'' when casting your vote for league MVP, then there really isn't any contest there. And if you're the type who votes for the MVP purely on the basis of stats, then I think you;d have to go with Jose Bautista. (And, also for the record, I don't get Jacoby Ellsbury; as good a season as he had, it seems the Red Sox could have missed the playoffs without his assistance.

The voting, however, does raise another question Yankees fans have been asking of me lately: Is there an aversion among BWAA voters to give awards to the Yankees?

Even thoughthe Yankees have had just two MVPs (Alex Rodriguez, 2005 and 2007) in the past 25 years and just one Cy Young winner (Roger Clemens, 2001) in the past 33, I seriously doubt it (although I thought Derek Jeter should have won in 2006 instead of Justin Morneau). It's more a case of the Yankees lineup generally being too loaded for any one player to be singled out as irreplaceable.

And in truth, can anyone really make the case that Granderson, who finished fourth, or Cano, was more deserving than Verlander? Or that CC Sabathia deserved the CY Young? For that matter, can anyone effectivelyargue that Joe Girardi should have gotten Manager of the Year over Joe Maddon? (For the record, I had a MOY vote this year and gave first place to Maddon, second to Girardi, third to Jim Leyland).

If so, that's why we have a comments section. Feel free to make your case.