Russell Martin Update

The Yankees have until Dec. 12 to offer Russell Martin arbitration. This seems like a slam dunk since Brian Cashman compares Martin to Thurman Munson.

At any point, the Yankees could talk about a Martin a multi-year contract or agree on a one-year deal to avoid the arbitration process. It seems unlikely the Yankees would offer a long-term deal to Martin at this point with Jesus Montero and Austin Romine knocking on the door. And, they rarely give anyone a new deal unless their last one is up.

That said, if Martin performs again, then after next season when he can become a free agent, the Yankees may want to lock him up in a two-year deal.

Lot of ifs and buts between now and then, including if Montero can catch and if Romine can hit. It could all change, too, if one of those two are traded.

Anyway, Martin is expected in a Yankee uniform for 2012. The question that will be answered by February is how much he will make. He made $4 million last season.