Bernie on the ballot, but in the Hall?

Bernie Williams is one of the new additions to this year's Hall of Fame ballot, and his career numbers -- .297 career BA, 287 HRs, 1257 RBI, a five-time All-Star, four time World Champion and four time Gold Glove winner -- certainly make him worthy of consideration, as do his 22 post-season HRs and 80 post-season RBI. So does his apparently steroid-free status in what his former teammate, Alex Rodriguez, has described as "that loosey-goosey era'' in which, for far too many players, just about anything went.

And yet, as a Hall of Fame voter, my first reaction is that as much as I liked Bernie as a player and a person, he's not quite Cooperstown material. I have between now and December 31 to change my mind, and you can help.

Do you think Bernie Williams is a Hall of Famer? Make your case. I'll read them and use the best ones in a later blog item.