How the Yankees could get Gio

Jim Bowden, our ESPN and Sirius-XM insider, has opened up his GM office again and tried to find a starting pitcher for Brian Cashman.

The proposal for Gio Gonzalez that Bowden has come up with is one that I think Cashman would strongly consider. However, I doubt Billy Beane would do it. This is what Bowden writes:

Gonzalez to the New York Yankees

In return: RHP Dellin Betances, David Phelps and C Austin Romine

Of course, Beane will start the negotiations with his good friend Brian Cashman by asking for catcher Jesus Montero, lefty Manny Banuelos and Betances. After Cashman politely declines and changes the subject, Beane will then probably call six or seven times before he realizes he’s not getting Montero or Banuelos. However, he might be able to get Betances as the key piece in the deal as he should be able to develop into a solid No. 3 starter. That's not enough for Gonzalez. Therefore, Beane will try to get outfielder Dante Bichette Jr. as a player to be named later but that’s not happening either. (He would have to be a PTBNL since he just signed this spring and can't be traded until a year after his signing date.)

The Yankees depth is in catching and to make this deal happen Beane might be able to either Gary Sanchez or Austin Romine and my guess is that Cashman will relent on Romine first. Therefore, a deal of Betances and Romine might be the furthest the Yankees are willing to go for Gio, although Beane still won’t be satisfied because of the haul that the Padres got for Latos. So he might insist that David Phelps, a 24-year-old who had a 3.19 ERA for Triple-A Scranton, be included as well. The Yankees have been quiet this winter, and they have the depth of prospects to bolster their rotation.

Bowden had a total of five trade ideas. The Yankees' thought was third on his list.