Yankees' offices closed for Christmas

The Yankees have closed their offices for the Christmas holiday, until noon on Monday, which must have the late George M. Steinbrenner III, the Ghost of Christmas Past, revolving in his crypt.

Back in 1996, The Boss fired Rob Butcher, the team's PR man at the time, for flying home to Ohio three days before Christmas to attend a family reunion. Turns out the Yankees signed David Cone as Butcher was flying home, and Steinbrenner wanted Butcher back in New York to run the news conference.

Butcher agreed to return, but Steinbrenner canned him anyway for "leaving his post."

Characteristically, Steinbrenner had a change of heart the next day and offered Butcher his job back. Butcher said thanks but no thanks, and was eventually hired by the Cincinnati Reds, for whom he has worked since 1997.

Calls to Butcher went unreturned today; the Reds are closed for the holiday, too.