Source on a bat: "Right price & late"

As we noted on Saturday, the Yankees haven't made any final plans on if they will add a bat, but the feeling in the organization is if they do it won't be for significant money. One source said he thought they could add one at the "right price in a late deal," meaning they will wait out the market and see what is available in the discount bin as they move even closer to spring training.

Thus, someone like Johnny Damon could make sense at an affordable contract. Damon made $5.25M last year, which is probably too much for the Yanks now. Damon, wherever he ends up, will likely have to take less than that, I would suspect.

Damon has 2,723 hits in his career and probably needs two or three seasons to get to 3,000. Last year, he had 152 in 150 games, however the Rays don't seem to want him back after signing Luke Scott.

Another interesting ex-Yankee, who is still out there, is Hideki Matsui. Like Damon, Matsui would have to be fine with not playing everyday and mostly against right-handers. Matsui was actually much better against left-handed pitching (.273, 8 homers and 29 RBIs) last year compared to righties (.242, 4 homers and 43 RBIs).

(Damon actually was, too, but the contrast was not as significant in his .261, 16 HRs, 73 RBI overall numbers. Damon hit .277 against lefties compared to .255 vs. righties.)

With A-Rod likely getting a day or two a week at DH and Derek Jeter one day, the DH against right-handers will likely only play four or fives games a week.