Listen up, Cash says Pineda is not a No. 2

I don't know if you will listen, but these quotes below from Brian Cashman are clearly intended for you. He does not want the "expectations to run away" on Michael Pineda. To that end, Cashman is stressing that Pineda is not a No. 2. At least not yet. Not with a "below-average change-up."

In short, Pineda needs to develop a change to be elite. After one season as a fastball-curveball guy, it is not there. So hold your hype.

"I've seen it written that he slots right behind CC in the rotation," Cashman said. "As far as I'm concerned that is not the case. He is a young, high-end arm that I look forward to growing into someone I hope can be a consistent winner for the Yankees going forward. Expecting stuff like that out of the gate. We don't have those illusions. We think we have some other guys who have some more experience, who are more worthy of pitching at the front end."

So Ivan Nova or Hiroki Kuroda, maybe even Phil Hughes or Freddy Garcia will pitch before Pineda in the rotation.

"He has to develop his change-up," Cashman said. "It is a below average pitch for him right now. I don't think there is a No. 1 or 2 starters in the big leagues that you can say is a No. 1 or 2 with two pitches. You can pitch like that for a certain period of time, but to pitch like that for a consistent period of time you need more than one or two pitches."

Umm, Cash, then why did you trade Jesus Montero for him?

"I made the trade for a reason," Cashman said. "I'm dreaming on the guy. We're dreaming on the guy. The fact of the matter of it is there is work to be done."

Cashman said that he thinks Pineda is "hungry" and he was referring to the extra 10 pounds that Pineda showed up to camp carrying. As for his being 280 instead of 270, Cashman said he is taking a wait-and-see approach.

Question: What should the expectations be on Pineda?