Hangin': Cervelli, the Yankee shopper

When Francisco Cervelli is on the road, he thinks about two things -- baseball and shopping. If Ramiro Pena is on the team, he has a tag-team partner as they hit the streets.

"We shop a lot," Cervelli said "Oh, my God. Clothes, all the time. We walk a lot. We have fun."

So excluding New York, what are the best places to shop in the majors?

The No. 1 city in baseball is ... Toronto.

"It is like a Europe style," Cervelli said. "That is what we like. We like to walk all the streets. They have so many good things, bro."

Are you buying suits? Jeans?

"It depends what you are feeling," Cervelli said. "Sometimes you go out looking for something and you come back with another thing"

After Toronto, Cervelli likes Los Angeles. But there is one undisputed champion of merchandise.

"We've got New York," Cervelli said.

The most underrated smaller market for shopping?

"Kansas City is good," Cervelli said. "They've got like one street where they have a lot of stores and a lot of things."

And what do Cervelli's teammates think about all his shopping.

"He has to look pretty," David Robertson said with a smile