Who will replace A.J.?

Now that A.J. Burnett is a Pittsburgh Pie-rate, there is one more opening on the Yankee roster: That of pastry-throwing lunatic at the conclusion of a Yankees walk-off win. Joe Girardi was asked today if the practice, brought to the Yankees by Burnett three years ago, would depart the club with him.

"Well, I prefer banana cream myself,'' the manager said, apropos of nothing. "Someone might adopt it, who knows? The guys enjoyed it. So someone might do it, continue on the tradition.''

Hoch of MLB.com suggested the obvious choice -- Nick Swisher.

"If I was to guess, I think that’s a pretty good guess,'' Girardi said.

Then I chimed in with my own personal favorite -- Rafael Soriano.

"You think outside the box,'' Girardi said. "I like that.''

QUESTION: Who do you like as the official team pie-thrower for this season? Enter your choices below and we'll publish the final tally in a few days.