Girardi's first speech: We're here for 28

With his full squad together for the first time this season, Joe Girardi, in his matter-of-fact style, implored his team Saturday morning, using a video presentation highlighting the Yankees' success and their championships.

The overall message of 2012's first team meeting was the Yankees are here to win championship No. 28. And the work starts now.

"The real message is keep in mind of what we are setting out to do," Girardi said. "And don't lose sight of that when you are doing your work every day. That's why we do the work."

Within the video, Girardi said he showed past Yankees teams winning titles and celebrating them.

"I talked to him about why we are here," Girardi said. "Our goals and the importance of keeping your goals in mind while you are going through your work.

"Spring training, as we know, can get long at times. We ask you to do things to make adjustments sometimes that you have never been asked to do. We talked about the importance of communicating between us -- what you are feeling, what you need. Maybe something you don't like [and] the importance of that."