A-Rod talks with Kay & Don, roots for Heat

Alex Rodriguez talked with Michael Kay and Don La Greca and tried to "stay in his lane," avoiding controversy. He was successful.

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Mike and Don asked the right questions, but A-Rod wouldn't bite on any of them. He was like an environmentalist as he even recycled some of his lines from his press conference. He offered Jeremy Lin a place to stay again.

On baseball, he avoided the questions about Bobby Valentine and instead spoke about how great the Rivalry always will be. The most interesting thing A-Rod said was that he hopes the Miami Heat win the NBA title.

On this, he may have annoyed Knicks fans, but I think A-Rod deserves credit. Instead of the old insincere Al B. Al, who would pander to the home crowd, he just said what he felt. If any Knicks fans were upset over that, to me, it is on them. A-Rod grew up in Miami so he is a Heat fan. It is that simple.