Now it can be revealed . . .

The Yankees annual bonding experience for this spring training will be a trip to a comedy club in Ybor City, where the players will be asked to perform improvisations for the entertainment of their teammates. Joe Girardi spilled it last night at his annual dinner with the beat writers, on the condition no one write until today so as not to tip off the players. If I understood him correctly, there are a bunch of pre-written sketches that have been selected for certain players, who will then get up on the stage to work them out. Sounds scary.

PS -- I have the feeling that Rafael Soriano will be a sensation at this thing, and you'll know why at 11:45 when Andrew Marchand gives you a look at the enigmatic reliever as you've never seen him -- or heard him -- before.

Make sure to check it out. You won't be Sori. (groan)