Concerned about Pineda's V-lo?

I would say no. It is early. However, it something we should keep our eyes on.

Wally reported the speeds from Michael Pineda's first two innings as a Yankee. He ranged from 88-to-91. Now, Ken Rosenthal tweeted some concern about those numbers.

Scouts yesterday had #Yankees' Pineda at 88-91 - "and there was some effort to get to 91," one said. Pineda averaged 94.7 last year. .... Re: Previous tweet on Pineda. Yes it's early. But scouts were taken aback, asking each other if readings were accurate.

ESPN Insider Keith Law chimed in that on March 7th of last year, Pineda was between "93-96." He said that Pineda's readings from Monday were "pretty light even for a pitcher's first outing," but he would give it two to three starts before being concerned.

Like I said at the top here, I would say, no, there is not a reason to be concerned yet. It is early in the spring and guys sometimes round into form.

I will throw this caveat in, though -- it is something to watch, for sure.

Last year, scouts started talking about Phil Hughes' lack of velocity in spring training and then all of a sudden Hughes had an awful season. Like Hughes last spring, Pineda showed up to camp a few pounds overweight.

Question: Are you concerned?