If D-Rob was embarrassed before ...

... imagine what he's going to feel like now.

For the past two days, David Robertson has expressed his embarrassment at having been injured in a fall down some steps in his home Wednesday night.

"I don’t even want to come talk to you guys about it,'' he said in the clubhouse Friday morning. "I'd rather tell you I tripped over a chair in the clubhouse than tell you I fell down the stairs in my house. Not like full flight of stairs, either, just one stair.''

In fact, he even celebrated, jokingly, when told that the Rays' David Price had outdone him for embarrassing injuries by giving himself neck spasms by rubbing his head too vigorously with a towel. "Yes!'' Robertson had exulted, pumping a fist. "That's the best news I've heard all day.''

But now, having undergone four sophisticated diagnostic tests, wearing a walking boot and stumbling around on crutches for two days only to learn he has nothing more than a bone bruise, Robertson is likely to hear plenty more from his teammates.

In fact, it already started after Friday's game when Russell Martin, having been informed of Robertson's injury, shook his head incredulously. "How the heck does a guy get a bruise on his foot falling down the stairs?'' he said.

More to come along those lines, I'm sure.