First Pitch: Jeter going after Gwynn next

A little lost in the Yankees incredible comeback on Saturday was another 3-for-4 day from Derek Jeter. At this time last year, if Jeter had three hits, it was stop the presses time. Not only because Jeter chased 3K, but because he looked that bad.

This year, he continues to look that good that it has almost become an after thought.

So Jeter had a ho-hum 3-for-4, two walks, two runs and an RBI game on Saturday. He is now at 26 hits on the season and 3,114 on his career.

Jeter just passed Dave Winfield for the 18th slot on the all-time hit list. Next up, for Jeter is Tony Gwynn, who finished his career with 3,141 hits. The way Jeter is going he could surge past Gwynn at some point next month.

If Jeter stays healthy, he should finish the year at least at No. 14 on the all-time list, passing Robin Yount, Paul Waner, George Brett and Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken is No. 14 with 3,184 hits.

Jeter has a shot to catch Nap Lajoie and Eddie Murray. Murray is No. 12 with 3,255 hits. Jeter would need 141 more hits.

There is a chance he could move past Willie Mays (3,283). That would put Jeter at 11th all-time.

Here is the all-time list.

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