First Pitch: What else can go wrong?

Since it's an off-day, probably nothing.

Then again, just about everything that could go wrong for the Yankees, at least on the pitching side of the equation, did go wrong on the road trip that ended with last night's 7-3 loss to the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

Freddy Garcia got shelled in Boston. Phil Hughes got shelled in Texas. Andy Pettitte did OK, but not much better than that, in Trenton. And Michael Pineda is going under the knife on Tuesday.

If that's not enough, Yu Darvish, the Japanese phenom the Yankees chose not to bid on, stuck it to them with a masterful performance the other night.

Basically, the Yankees need this day off to rest, lick their wounds and consider the pleasant prospect of a weekend at home -- in the company of the Detroit Tigers.

Yes, those same Detroit Tigers who sent them packing early in last year's ALDS. The Detroit Tigers who already had Justin Verlander, the Cy Young Award and MVP winner for 2011, and Miguel Cabrera, last year's batting champion, and added Prince Fielder to the mix in the off-season.

On the bright side, the Yankees have Ivan Nova -- facing Verlander-- on Friday and CC Sabathia going Sunday. In between, it is Garcia, pitching once again for his baseball life.

And they have a red-hot Derek Jeter, batting .420 and riding a 15-game hitting streak, and the AL's RBI leader, Nick Swisher, with 21.

And they have a 10-8 record that, with the kind of starting pitching they have gotten so far, could easily be a whole lot worse.

So enjoy this 24-hour breather, because for one day at least, nothing bad can happen to the Yankees.

And get ready for a weekend at home that promises to be just as tough as the week on the road that just ended.

The Question: Who do you blame for the Michael Pineda mess? Brian Cashman, for making the trade? The Mariners, for sending along damaged goods? Pineda himself, for coming to camp out of shape? Or the Baseball Gods, for making pitching arms so darned fragile?

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