Robertson 'not too concerned'

David Robertson feels a tug on his left side when he throws the baseball. Or at least he did, the last time he threw a baseball in anger, which was Friday night. Since then, he has played a little catch and guess what? He still feels that little tug.

Still, the Interim Closer said he is "not too concerned,'' even though he is likely to visit both the X-ray machine and the MRI tube on Tuesday. “When I was out there (Friday), I could feel it getting a little sore, but it wasn’t like one pitch and I felt like something rip or tear or anything like that,” Robertson said. "I was hoping it was one of those things that would go away real quick, but it just keeps hanging around.''

So Robertson was not available Monday night, nor in either of the two weekend games against Seattle in New York, although Joe Girardi kept that fact a secret for strategic purposes. "I was shocked no one asked me about it when I had (Rafael Soriano) warming up on Sunday,'' he said.

Like Robertson, Girardi tried to play down the injury once he had finally owned up to it. "It’s not like he feels it when he coughs or anything like that. It’s just he feels it a little bit when he plays catch.''

Still, the manager admitted, "There's some concern that it’s lingered and he still feels it. We'll get it checked out and hope it's nothing serious.''

Robertson has pitched just once since blowing a save, and a game, last Wednesday to the Rays, in a non-save situation. In the meantime, Soriano, who picked up the save Monday night and had an earlier one the night after Robertson's meltdown, is the Yankees' new-new closer.

"This is something Sori’s had success at doing in the past and he came in and did a nice job,'' Girardi said.