Why Soler makes some sense

Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler is expected to decide which team he will sign with soon, perhaps as early as Monday. Buster Olney listed the Yankees, Cubs, Braves and Dodgers as strong possibilities.

Soler is the 20-year-old, 6-foot-3, 225-pound prospect that is said to have five tools.

The rumors have been humming about the Cubs and Yankees being the favorites. But it makes some sense for the Yankees to be heavily involved because:

The international market is about to change on July 2, which will severely limit how much damage the Yankees can do internationally. So the Yankees may want to get their last licks in to financially blow away the competition.

The Yankees will likely have a need that they can fill proactively. If Nick Swisher ends up with his normal season, the Yankees will probably let him walk because of their goal of getting under $189M by 2014 so they can significantly reduce their luxury taxes. Soler may cost in the four-year-, $40 million range, which will be less than what Swisher could command.

Plus, the Yankees do have guys like Mason Williams at Single-A, but they don't have any impact outfielders in the high levels of the minor leagues. So the Soler System coming to New York would not be shocking.