D-Rob: My wife can tweet what she wants

David Robertson is not only a pretty good reliever, he is apparently a smart man, too. His wife, Erin, publicly disagreed with Robertson's boss' decision to not start him in the ninth inning Thursday, but David is not going to tell Erin what she should or should not tweet.

"My wife's got her own opinions," Robertson told ESPN NY. "It is not like I tell her what to do. Her opinion is her opinion."

David, who also wasn't too pleased with Joe Girardi's decision, said he spoke with Girardi immediately after the game, but hadn't since he and his wife said he should have begun the ninth.

Girardi, after being scrutinized for his decision, was still explaining why he wants to be careful with Robertson.

"He is coming off a rib injury," Girardi said. "That's a concern. If you do that again, you are in big trouble. You are talking six, eight weeks. We have seen a lot of players come back from rib injuries -- whether it is a hitter or a pitcher -- they are not quite right for a while."

Girardi pointed to Detroit's Doug Fister as an example.

"He hasn't been the same pitcher since he got hurt," Girardi said.

On Friday, Robertson is unavailable, while Rafael Soriano is back.

As for Erin, Girardi makes a habit of saying he isn't on Twitter, so we know know he didn't see Erin's tweet first-hand.