Jeter's probably earned a $2M raise for 2014

Derek Jeter is enjoying an MVP-caliber season, and while he is unlikely to win the award --- if he didn't get it in 2006, it's hard to imagine when he ever will -- he has at least put himself in position to make an extra $2 million in 2014 if he chooses to exercise the player option in his contract.

According to the terms of the three-year, $51 million deal he signed after the 2010 season, Jeter can choose to play for the Yankees in 2014 for $8 million, a pay cut of more than 50 percent. However, he has incentives clauses that can add as much as $6 million to his base salary if he achieves certain goals this season or next season.

One of them is a $4 million bonus for winning the AL MVP. Another is a $2 million bonus for finishing in the top six in the MVP voting. So even if he doesn't win, there's a very good chance Jeter will get enough support in the voting to add another two million bucks to his his 2014 paycheck.