Happy Yanksgiving

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

A couple items to take you into your turkey dinners:

1) For all the $189M talk, this offseason has started out very well for the Yankees. Hiroki Kuroda is back and he did it by taking fewer years and less money. Of course, $15M plus some incentives is good dough, but Kuroda goes against the "most money" theory. He left money on the table because he was content to stay in the Bronx. Good for him. Better for Hal Steinbrenner and his spreadsheet. The Yankees are in a solid place to have another strong team next year and still be able to slip under $189M by '14. That is a tough double play.

2) Next order of business is likely Andy Pettitte. I've been told there is no timetable, which I haven't written before because it is unhelpful. But it tells you that Pettitte will let everyone know when he knows for sure. Everyone thinks he is coming back. I would be shocked if he doesn't.

When you sit out a year, return and really enjoy it, I don't think you retire again; especially after you missed most of the season. I believe Pettitte will come back, but until he does, the Yankees wait.

3) Brian Cashman has a methodical, punch-list approach to the offseason. He would like to go in order in making his decisions, but will react if circumstances dictate. I believe after Pettitte decides and the money is agreed on with Mariano Rivera, Cashman will turn to his catching situation. Russell Martin is the first choice, but there are five other teams that want him. The Yankees will have to go multi-year for Martin.

4) After that, I believe Ichiro Suzuki could be your right fielder, with Brett Gardner possibly moving to center and Curtis Granderson in left. At worst, you are better defensively.

5) I think Cashman makes a huge trade this offseason. My most likely guess would be Granderson is involved. That could change everything.

QUESTION: What moves do you want to see the Yanks make?