Mission accomplished, so far

THE NEWS: Colleague Jayson Stark reports Mariano Rivera's deal will be be done in the next 24 hours. That is good news for Mo as he celebrates his 43rd birthday today.

RAMIFICATIONS: Well, as Brian Cashman rappels off a building on Friday morning, he will know he is set up as well as he could have hoped for the Winter Meetings.

Cashman checks off Rivera's name after already taking care of Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte.

NEXT:If I were Russell Martin's agent, I would be patient right now. I would let Mike Napoli come off the board and then I would be the No. 1 catching option. Martin is a better defender than Napoli, but Napoli, who also plays first, is a better hitter and hence is expected to receive a larger contract.

The Pirates, Rangers, Mariners and Red Sox are the known teams that have shown interest in prying Martin away from the Yankees. If Napoli leaves Texas, Martin would figure to have more leverage with the Yankees, Pirates and Rangers. So if I were Martin, I would let this drag out until Napoli signs and then I would get my best, final offers from each team and make a decision. Martin is in a great position; especially for a guy who hit .211 last year.

Cashman has compared Martin to Thurman Munson, so you know he wants to keep him.

RIGHT FIELD: This seems like Ichiro Suzuki's spot to lose, but maybe Cashman has something else up his sleeve. The injury-prone Grady Sizemore could be worth a flyer. He would fit the Yankees' M.O. of going after guys who have had big numbers, but have regressed.

QUESTION OF THE AFTERNOON: Who's had a better Yankee career, Mo or the Captain?