State of the Binder, Day Two

TAMPA, Fla. -- Here are some highlights from Joe Girardi's brief (9 minutes) media briefing today:

MO CAN SHAG: Only not in Kansas City. Girardi had his little joke but then said Mariano Rivera, who tore up his knee chasing batting practice flies in KC last May, can go back to shagging this year if he likes. "That’s part of who he is. That’s part of his game that has made him great. It’s his time to relax, have fun and prepare for the day, so I don’t want to take that away from him.”

NO ROAD TRIPS: The manager said Mariano, who rarely makes spring training road trips, would not make any this spring despite a slightly-heavier workload to rehab his knee. "I busted his chops about it. I said, ‘We’re going to be gone two days March 7-8 in Jupiter); what are you going to do?’ I’m sure he’ll have it strategically planned that neither one of those days are his throw days.”

EXPECT MO-MENTUM: “I don’t think that Mo is going to be any different than he would have been if he didn’t have the injury. What he was going to be in 2013 if he played 2012 is what we’re going to get in 2013. I don’t think his knee injury is going to hinder his ability or who he is.”

THE DAILY CERVELLI: Girardi said he doesn't think the Biogenesis affair is distracting Cervelli, but "I’ll watch as we start to play games and we go through all this in spring training. If I feel he’s distracted, I’ll say something to him, but I watched him go about his work today and he seemed pretty good to me.”