First Pitch: Damon would be good ... in '09

TAMPA, Fla. -- Was Johnny Damon in his prime a better player than Matt Diaz or Juan Rivera?


Is Damon, who turned 39 in November, anywhere near his prime now?

Absolutely not.

I understand there is sentiment for bringing Damon back on a temporary basis to fill the gap created when Curtis Granderson went down with a broken arm on Sunday. But is is based in nostalgia and preserved in amber.

In other words, it ain't real. In baseball terms, the Caveman is a fossil.

Diaz and Rivera may not be the answer to what the Yankees need to get them from Opening Day to Cinco de Mayo, the projected date of Granderson's return.

But Damon is definitely not.

That's because what the Yankees need is not another left-handed hitter, nor another DH. They're already overloaded with both.

What they need is an everyday outfielder, and Damon has not fit that description since 2009, his last year with the Yankees. He had a great World Series that year and they still let him go, because they could see which way his career was trending.

Four years later, Damon has only gotten older, not better. His .222 batting average and .281 on-base percentage in 64 games with the Indians last season is more indicative of the player Damon is now. In August, the Indians gave him his walking papers.

To think the Yankees should pick him up, dust him off and expect him to turn the clock back four years, even for just five weeks, is not just unrealistic.

It is fantasy.

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