Suzyn, you can't predict baseball

How many teams have hit more home runs than the Yankees so far this season? Not one. AP Photos

You really can't. One of the all-time John Sterling-isms could not be more apt than it is after a little more than a week of baseball here in 2013.

Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano

#24 2B
New York Yankees

2013 STATS

  • GM8
  • HR3

  • RBI7

  • R8

  • OBP.361

  • AVG.303

Out of the nine departed or injured players from the 2012 team, the Yankees have a combined 194 home runs missing. From Curtis Granderson (43) to Mark Teixeira (24) to Nick Swisher (24) to Russell Martin (21) to Raul Ibanez (19) to Alex Rodriguez (18) to Eric Chavez (16) to Derek Jeter (15) to Andruw Jones (14), the Yankees are without nine of their top home run hitters from last year's record-setting mashers. Only Robinson Cano (33) remains, at the present time.

So what has this collection from Vernon Wells (2) to Travis Hafner (2) to Kevin Youkilis (2) to Ichiro Suzuki (1) to Brett Gardner (1) to Francisco Cervelli (1) to Lyle Overbay (1) to Brennan Boesch (1) to Jayson Nix (1) done so far? They have absolutely obliterated the 2012 Yankees' pace though eight games. All the '12 team did was hit the most home runs (245) in Yankees history.

After eight games in 2012, they had a measly eight. This 2013 Bronx Bombers? They have 15 heading into game No. 9 Wednesday night, which puts them in a tie with the Oakland A's and the Colorado Rockies for the most in all of baseball. They are on pace for 304 homers!

Cano is leading the way with three, but the Yankees are a $230 million feel-good story. The little engine that could -- with the unpredictable big power, so far.