Teixeira: Can't swing just yet

First baseman Mark Teixeira (wrist) did not receive clearance to start swinging Friday, although his doctor visit went well. Teixeira is on the disabled list after injuring his right wrist during the World Baseball Classic, and has yet to play this season.

"[The doctor] was very happy with how it looked, how it felt. He wants it to get a little stronger before I swing so the next couple of days I'm really going to ramp up the strengthening because we're kind of going week to week with it," Teixeira said after the Yankees beat the Orioles on Friday. "He wants to make sure it's really strong enough before I swing. But all good news, just not swinging yet."

Teixeira hoped he would receive clearance to start swinging Friday, but he's not disappointed it's been put on hold. The first baseman is one of four Yankees starting position players currently on the disabled list, along with shortstop Derek Jeter (ankle), center fielder Curtis Granderson (forearm) and third baseman Alex Rodriguez (hip).

"I understand where he's coming from. I haven't really done a lot of dynamic strengthening and you don't want to go from really just isolating the wrist to straight swinging, so he wants that middle step," Teixeira said. "Being on the road is a little tough sometimes because you don't get to see a doc, and he'll be here a couple times during this week and we'll take it day by day and progress up to it. He's very happy with the progress."

The first baseman has said he hopes to be back on May 1, and while this news may seem to be a minor setback in that regard, Teixeira doesn't think that will throw those plans off too much. The Yankees have started Lyle Overbay and Kevin Youkilis at first base while Teixeira works his way back to the lineup.

"I've always said around May 1, maybe sometime around that week, doesn't really change too much that timetable," he said.