Getting to know David Adams

David Adams will make his major league debut on Wednesday, batting sixth and playing third base. Adams is famous in Yankee lore for having the bum ankle that initially stopped the Cliff Lee trade in 2010 from the Seattle Mariners to the Bronx. On Wednesday, which just happens to be Adams' 26th birthday, he will make his debut against -- who else? -- the Mariners. So let's get to know Adams a little better.

AGE: 26


2013 TRIPLE-A NUMBERS: .316 batting average, .897 OPS

WHERE CAN HE PLAY: He plays third, second and first, but he said his best position is hitting. He will likely play a lot until Kevin Youkilis comes back.

JOE GIRARDI'S COMPARISON: "He's a baseball player," Girardi said. "We say that a lot about Nixey [Jason Nix]. He knows how to play the game. We like the way he swings the bat and he has had success in his career offensively.

WHO LEAVES: The Yankees chose to designate Chris Nelson, swapping one infielder for another. The very popular Ben Francisco survives for another day.

THE CLIFF LEE TRADE: From Buster Olney's news story back in July, 2010.

The Yankees had offered Seattle a three-player package, centered around catcher Jesus Montero -- who is rated as one of the best prospects in baseball, despite questions about whether he can be a catcher in the big leagues -- second baseman David Adams and a young prospect.

But the deal began to unravel, a source told ESPN.com's Jayson Stark, when the Mariners became concerned about the health of Adams, who is out with a sprained ankle.

Executives involved in the talks were all but certain on Friday morning that a Yankees-Mariners deal was forthcoming. By 3:45 p.m. ET, however, the Yankees were operating under the assumption they would not be getting Lee.

EPILOGUE: The Mariners wanted Eduardo Nunuez to replace Adams in the deal, but the Yankees declined and Lee ended up in Texas, whom he helped lead to the World Series.

While Adams is associated with the trade, it is not stuck in his head.

"Not for me," Adams said. "I think the media, yeah. I think there are still people who come up to me and question me about it. Trades fall through all the time. Who knows what was going on behind the scenes? That's the way I look at it. I had an ankle injury, but I'm here today and that's all I worry about it."

THE INJURY: The ankle proved to be fractured and limited him to just 29 games in 2011.

"There were times I questioned what my purpose in life was," Adams said. "This was a game that I grew up loving since I was four years old. But I was able to grow closer to Christ and find some good Christian friends who showed me the way. Today, I'm in a great place. I'm happy to be here."

THE RELEASE: On March 26th, the Yankees released Adams after acquiring Vernon Wells. Adams, who missed most of the spring with a back injury, had to go because the Yankees needed his 40-man spot. He was caught off-guard, but he understood the game is a business and re-signed with the Yankees feeling it was still the best chance for him to make the majors.

"I knew where they were coming from," Adams said.

THE CALL-UP: After being released to starting at third on his birthday, it has been quite a season so far for Adams.

"It's been a whirlwind," Adams said. "It's been a roller coaster ride. That's for sure."