Derek runs, sweats, thirsts

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Derek Jeter came into the Yankees dugout breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, having just completed two laps of the bases in the 90-degree Texas heat at close to full speed. Naturally, he headed straight to the barrels of sports drinks behind the bench.

"Great," he said, disgusted. "We got no cups."

That was about as bad as things got for Jeter all day; his trips around the bases seemed to go smoothly, as did the three runs he made from the batter's box to second base after hitting the ball in batting practice. And by the time he came back in from infield practice, there were enough cups for everyone in the ballpark.

Assuming his slightly strained right quad comes out of the workout OK, Jeter seems to be on track to return to the Yankees' lineup as soon as this weekend; he is eligible to come off the disabled list Saturday.

“I feel good. That’s the only thing I can say; I feel good," Jeter said. "I don’t feel my leg, which is good. Now it’s up to them. I don’t know what they have planned."

Joe Girardi watched Jeter's workout from behind the cage but was not available to reporters afterward. Earlier, he had said he would be "surprised" if Jeter was in the lineup Saturday night. "But let's see," he said. "The one thing that you can't do is say, well, he's definitely going to be there, and then when he's not there all these flags go up. He's going through more today. Let's see how today goes, then we'll see how tomorrow goes, then we'll go from there."

Asked if he expects to play on Saturday, Jeter said, "Whatever they tell me, man. I think I can play today. I do what I’m told. I’ll go inside and see what we have tomorrow."